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Guidelines for WebPlayer bug reporting

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  • Guidelines for WebPlayer bug reporting

    Found a bug or issue with the exported TigerCreate WebPlayert?
    Here are some helpful guidelines for posting them.

    Including the following information in your posts will help us address your reports sooner.

    1. Make a new thread for an issue → before posting, check if your issue wasn't posted before
    2. Post your issue once → more than one post for the exact same issue just means more work for us sorting through them
    3. make a new thread for each issue. Try not to post several issues into the same thread. We might overlook something this way
    4. Use a title for your thread that briefly describes the issue
    5. Add a short description for the issue, including a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce it if possible.
    Export WebPlayer:
    1. Attach the export log (the log contains TigerCreate Version and Build Number and your System Information). Next to the Animator button is the Console button. This opens the TigerCreate Console at the bottom of the window. After an export logs will show up there. To save them click the Options button and select Save to File... TC_ExportLogs_New.png
    2. Browser name, version number and operating system the player is running on
    3. If your issue can be reproduced then list a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce it.
    4. Attach screenshots (or a short video if a screenshot doesn't cut it) showing the issue to your post.
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