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Change Scene View (Camera Angle) while working in 3D mode

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  • Change Scene View (Camera Angle) while working in 3D mode

    How and can we change the camera angle, while designing?
    It is difficult to see what we are doing.
    Especially since most objects are placed on scene at 270 degrees. Making it difficult to understand the scene layout, as the default camera angle is - top view.
    Even while in preview mode, I can only see the default view.

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    Hello liralirap,

    to change the camera angle while working in 3D hold down the alt key while holding the left mouse button. As soon as you move the mouse you the angle will change.
    This will also work in preview mode.

    The standard camera mode in 3D is the AR Camera but you can change to Forward Camera mode which might be easier to navigate.
    Simply click the AR Camera icon to change between the modes.

    AR Camera_Icon.png

    Information about working in 3D can also be found in the manual under point 4.6:

    Greetings Carola


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      Thank you Carola, This was a great relief.
      I have read the manual but have managed to miss it.
      Also since the video tutorial never mentioned it.

      Thank you once again..