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The wonder of walking around Prague

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  • The wonder of walking around Prague

    Beautiful, lovely city. The best: Walking through its streets. Wonderful. I have traveled to the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Tyrol. If you have occasion, do not forget to visit Prague, the whole old town, the Jewish quarter, the Charles Bridge, the Powder Tower and Wenceslau Square. Also beautiful is the spa town of Karlovy Vary and Hluboka Castle in the South Bohemia region. Other very interesting monuments are the Castles that Louis II of Bavaria built, one located in the Austrian Tyrol and the other in the German Bavaria region. Don't miss Mainau Island, next to the city of Konstanz .. The whole island is a botanical garden with a collection of flowers, centenary trees and a butterfly nursery.

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    In almost all the bars and restaurants, the waiters take a bag to the belt, they throw the bill to you and they charge at the moment, take minibus in prague without letting you see the ticket. Conclusion a menu of 180 crowns comes out for about 360 to 400 crowns. You have to get angry so that they give you the bill, in which they increase you, the bread, the drink and the service. costs that calculate at your free will.
    This in Europe I think is out of place and rubs the scam. Only in the most expensive places they give you the account, putting service not included and you give the tip you want. And of course, eye with accept, welcome spirits, etc. It seemed to me that there is a general atmosphere, of searching and capturing the "guiri"