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How to: Creating a Memo game in TigerCreate 2

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  • How to: Creating a Memo game in TigerCreate 2

    How to create a Memo game in TigerCreate 2

    In the Memo game, the user has to find matching pairs in a set of cards that are lying face down. There are two difficulty levels, in which the user has to find eight and 15 pairs respectively.


    Creating the image files

    First you have to create your Memo files.

    You need eight images in the size of 320 x 320 pixels for the game with eight pairs and 15 images with the size 258 x 258 pixels for the game with the 15 image pairs.

    To make things a little easier we created a template for Adobe Photoshop (.psd format) that you can use.
    You can download it here at the bottom of the page. The .zip not only includes the .psd template but also the needed soundfiles and text file containing information on the tile sizes and the file naming.

    The .psd file already has the right size (320 x 320 pixels), contains some layer effects to make the memo cards look more 3D and adds rounded corners to the graphics.
    For the 15 pairs memo game just scale the PSD template down to 258 x 258 pixels.

    Choose 15 different images, from these 15 choose eight and use those for the eight pairs game. (You can also use a set of eight and a set of 15 that are completely different but this saves time creating the game.)

    Save the final images as .png with transparent background.

    Naming the files correctly

    For TigerCreate to recognize the files correctly you have to name them like this and save them as .png with a transparent background.

    The eight pairs:

    The 15 pairs:

    You can also customise the images on the backs of the cards: card_back_4_4.png and card_back_ 5_6.png. (Known Issue: Right now this doesn't work in TC 2.18 this will be fixed in version 2.19)
    If there is no file that matches these names in the Memo folder, the default card back (blue with white dots) will be used.

    You also have to add sounds to your game:
    Click.mp3 is played when the user turns over a card
    Memo.mp3 is played when the user turns over a matching pair
    Finished.mp3 is played when the user has found all the pairs and completed the game.

    If you don't want to create your own sounds, we added our standard sound files to the memo template which you can download above.

    After you prepared all your files it's time to add them to your project.

    Adding the game to your TigerCreate 2 project

    First you will have to create the folder called Memo inside the Games folder of your project.

    Select all your Memo cards and copy them into the Memo folder of your project.
    It should look similiar to this after adding all the necessary files.

    (Customised card backs are optional.)

    After adding the needed files open the Publish dialogue and navigate to the tab Games.
    There you can add up to three different games.
    Select Memo out of the drop down list.


    If there are no files in the Memo folder or the folder itself is missing TigerCreate will show you a warning.


    Now you have to make sure the user can actually access the Memo game.

    Stay in the Publish options and open the Menu Options tab. Here you can decide which menu buttons will shop up later in your app.
    For the games to be visible make sure that the „Show Games Button“ is checked. The default state for this button is off.


    To make sure your settings for the game get saved publish your project once. Pressing cancel in the publishing options will not save your settings.

    This is how the app menu will look like if more than one game is added to the project. If only the Memo game is added the Memo game icon would be visible in the top menu instead of the dice icon.

    Known Issue: The following feature isn't working in the current version of TigerCreate (2.18) it will be fixed in the next version 2.19.

    You can also open games with a button from inside your scene. For that to work you need the so called "Ui Actions".

    Add a node or image to your scene that will become your button.
    Select the object open the Object Inspector and the General Properites category and check the box for "Is touchable". Now scroll down to the Miscellaneous category and open the UI Actions drop down menu. Choose the „Open Memo Game“ UI Action.


    Keep in mind though that opening a Memo game like this only works if you have set it in the Publish options before.

    And that's it. Now you can test the game either on your device or in the TigerSimulator.

    Hint: You don't have to set the games for every export format separately, you just have to do it once. It is saved for all export formats. (You will have to export it once though after making changes, pressing cancel will not save them.)
    Keep in mind that some games like doodle and memo don't work for all export formats. For now iBooks and Web exports don't support them.

    Don't hesitate to comment if you still have any questions.

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