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Working with Videos in TigerCreate 2

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  • Working with Videos in TigerCreate 2


    since we got a few questions on how to use videos in TigerCreate I thought it might be helpful to create a thread about it. Videos will be included in the online manual but we're still busy updating it.


    Videos are a new feature of TigerCreate 2 and can be added to the project folder just like images and sound files.
    Select your video files and drag & drop them onto the project navigator. TigerCreate will automatically create a folder for movies where it saves those files.
    (If you move your files directly in Finder you will have to create the folder movies manually.)

    Video Format:

    - Videos have to available in the format .mp4 and they need the H.264 video codec.
    - other formats than .mp4 won't show up in the project navigator
    - general maximum allowed size is 2048 x 2048 pixels
    - maximum allowed size for iBooks is 2048 x 1940 pixels for Landscape projects and 1940 x 2048 pixels for portrait projects

    TigerCreate will show you a warning message if the size or encoding of the file is wrong.


    Differences and exceptions when working with videos:

    Videos can be used like images but there are a few differences that have to be kept in mind.

    - Videos can't be set as a start animation
    - Videos don't start automatically, they have to be started with a touch (So make sure you add an animation and have "Is touchable" enabled to start your video.)
    - Loop Time and Number of Frames (length of the timeline) can't be changed for videos. Those are set automatically and are dependent on the video's length.
    - You can only animate Postion, Rotation, Scale and Opacity.
    - Ping Pong, Drag Along, Free Drag and Is Scratchable are not available for videos
    - Since video files have sound most of the time there is no option to set a Volume Key Animation. Instead you can regulate the volume of the whole video with the Movie Volume option.
    - Only one video per scene. TigerCreate will show a warning when you try to add second video to a scene.


    That's it about videos. Have fun integrating them into your projects.

    You still have any questions?


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    Working with videos in tiger create 2 is just mention here. I know that no one have interest in reading about the whole things. So that is the reason all velvetjobs reviews is just mention here and hope you get it in good way.
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