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  • Automatic Page Turner

    How about an option at the beginning of the book? "... Start... Entire Book... from Start to Finnish..." so that the page would turn automatically at the end of the narration for each page.
    This way the "story flow" of the narration, as well as accompanying music, could be maintained without waiting for the child to turn the page. This way if the child chooses "to be read the book" there is an option.
    The story line, as always, could be paused at any time to explore each scene before continuing.

    Also it would be nice to have an option at the beginning of the book to have the text highlighting always on so that there would be only an X and no T. Or the X and T toggle in the same place.
    It would also be very good to have the option of moving the x and t boxes anywhere on the screen.

    Thanks again

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    Hi Richard,

    thanks for your suggestions!

    We are right now working on a scripting system to give the TigerCreate-user more power over the system.

    With this you can add almost any functionality you need, you can create games, quizes, or even your own special Textblade that e.g. has a PAUSE-button. And you will be able to implement the mentioned "Story Flow", you then can define that e.g. at the end of an animation (or after all the text is read) automatically the next scene should be displayed.

    We hope to release this in Q1/2019.

    I guess I will make a tutorial then how to create a much more powerful textblade with "Story Flow" etc. with the upcoming scripting system.



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      Hi Andreas

      I am still very interested in the possibility of a "Story Flow" option i.e. an automatic page turner option.
      Any updates on when that might happen?



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